What can you do to protect your children? What every parent needs to know.

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What can you do to protect your children? What every parent needs to know.

According to both the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and multiple children’s welfare and health organizations, children now make up more than twenty percent of Covid patients, and growing.

Children’s hospitals across the country are full or filling up with Covid patients, leaving no room for children with cancer, or head trauma, or any number of other diseases or injuries.

Nor is death the only consequence of Covid. Permanent joint, lung, heart and brain damage are common among long term Covid patients, and more an more of them are young adults and children.

The average age of Covid patients in many hospitals is now in their thirties, with teenagers and young children making up more than ten percent of critical patients. Critical patients with a high likely hood of permanent disabilities.

Yet despite the facts, the dead and crippled children, parents rage at school board meetings, demanding “Their FREEDOM!” while denying life and liberty and health to tens of thousands of children.

The outrageous claims of personal freedom to not wear a mask in a pandemic with a deadly respiratory disease, it ludicrous. Just as you are required to wear shirts, shoes, and even pants or a skirt to school, wearing a mask is no different, except that it saves lives. ANY other claim by these misled, cruel, or mentally ill individuals is a flat out lie that can and has killed thousands of children.

This disease is a corona virus, which means it will mutate in time, based upon the number of hosts (victims) it infects.

Every time someone catches Covid, it mutates just a little bit, often becoming more contagious and more damaging and lethal. This is why anti-vaxers and anti-maskers are the real problem.

They are not exercising their right to freedom, they are spreading death and disease, and murdering your children, parents, wives, daughters, husbands and sons.

Would you be okay with a parent sending their child to school with no clothes, or telling them to urinate and deficit in the classrooms and hallways?

There is a reason we made laws to demand children and even adults wear seatbelts, wear clothes in public, and why restaurants and stores won’t let you in with out shirts or shoes and require their employees to wash their hands, and wear hairnets while cooking.

Like Polio, or Scarlet fever, Covid 19 cripples and maims many more victimizes than it kills.

More and more severe cases of Covid are occurring in children, with the death toll climbing.

There is a very small percentage of our population that has a need to rebel, and to seek attention. We all know someone who exaggerates to make themselves, or their stories more interesting. With an innocent fish tale, or someone boasting about their prowess in sports, or in romance, it can seem humorous, or sometimes sad and pathetic.

But some of these people are really troubled. They crave the attention, or can’t help but lie to make themselves seem more important and as such, they are now endangering our children, YOUR CHILDREN.

Many of you will have heard the stories before, how a minister claiming to have been enlightened by God led his followers into death. Whether it was Jim Jones in Guyana, Branch Davideans in Waco, Texas, or Charles Manson in California. We have all heard and seen how people can be lied to, and misled into committing horrendous acts of death and depravity. A few charismatic leaders and a time of chaos, is all it takes for the delusional and the power hungry to take advantage.

These people are mentally ill, and need help. They do not need followers on YouTube, or Facebook. And they certainly should not be tolerated to enraged the lives of others in their desperate search for attention.

Unfortunately, these last few years have led to more social upheaval than we have seen in generations, and people are scared and unsure. On top of that we have been dealing with powerful people wiling to lie and deceive, willing to say or do anything to hold onto power, and those politicians have made the situation worse.

Just as we are bombarded with NEWS reports and stories of politicians claiming to be anti-corruption, then have them found to be taking and making bribes, or claiming to be devout Christians, husbands or wives and then find they paid for their mistresses abortion, or participated in sex parties and had multiple affairs. have fooled others into believing their lies and insanity. We are now finding that the same politicians who are urging we not get vaccinated, or not wear masks, have themselves been vaccinated, have the best medical care waiting if they should get sick, and that they invested heavely in companies that provide Covid treatments to sick patients.

Well, if we were all vaccinated, or masked, then there would be less sick people and less treatments, and all that stock they bought in companies providing Covid “treatments” wold be worth less, a lot less.

Now do you see that the same people urging you to endanger you and your children’s lives, are going to profit from your pain and suffering? Weather it be because of their mental illness, or their greed and cruelty, these anti-masker, anti-vaxers are actively murdering our loved ones and friends.

We are now approaching SEVEN-HUNDRED-THOUSAND DEAD from Covid, and it didn’t have to happen....




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