What would you do to save your children? Save your country?

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What would you do to save your children? Save your country?

All across America people have lost loved ones, children, parents, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives.

We are approaching 700,000 dead in these United States. Most of them, half a million at least, did not need to die.

The reasons why these people needlessly died, is now coming to a school near you, and is aimed directly at your children.

Covid came to this country in the first weeks of 2020, a midst denial and lies from an administration that made such memorable quotes as “You will see. It will disappear. Like Magic” and Covid is a hoax.” “It’s not real.” and the ever present, “It’s fake news.”

With more than a half a million dead, those lies can no longer be swallowed, even by the most gullible of of Americans. Only the truly mentally ill, or mentally impaired still believe those lies.

Now we are faced with a different threat, a different kind of lie. But all of these lie have one thing in common, they are meant to control and intimidate the vast majority of Americans by the few who benefit from the lies.

So who benefits?

To determine that, you must know what is motivating the Anti-Maskers and other groups behind these lies.

Mostly it is driven by the fear of one man, and his dedicated followers that are ridding his coattails in order to maintain and increase their personal power.

IF Donald Trump admits that the Vaccine is necessary, and Masks work, then he has to admit everything he said about the virus was a fraud, and a lie, and if he does that, it is perceived people will not follow him any longer, and the only hope of the White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis of holding and gaining more power will vanish.

This is why Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists, and a whole host of America’s Enemies, such as Russia, China, and Iran are so firmly behind these groups and this propaganda campaign against sanity and science in America.

America’s enemies want to see us stumble and fall.

Putin [the leader of China]want to see America move into the Fascist Column of nations along side themselves, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

To put it plainly, our enemies see Trump and his fascist allies as the best, easiest and safest bet to destroy America, and they don’t care if your children or anyone else is in the cross hairs...


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